High Performance Mobile Websites

Last night was the first meeting of the meetup group for Mobile Web.  The presentation was on High Performance Mobile Websites.

It was great so see so many people turn up to our very first meeting.  I found it personally a great opportunity to swap stories with people.  I particularly loved hearing about what people had done on other projects and the problems they had.

The talk was on High Performance Mobile Websites:

"High performance is of critical importance for the success of any web site, particularly when catering for a range of device capabilities and network latencies. This talk explains best practices and techniques used to build high performance mobile websites. The talk covers a range of different topics centred on how to improve the performance of web sites.  Although this talk focuses on high performance mobile websites, all the topics discussed are equally important for any website.  After this talk you will come away with a wide-set of technique you can use to improve the performance of any web site."

High Performance Mobile Websites is also available on Slide Share

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